Optimasi Neural Network Menggunakan Algoritma Genetika untuk Memprediksi Jumlah Wisatawan Berdasarkan Hunian Hotel


  • Helyatin Nisyak Helya Universitas Ibrahimy
  • Nadzirotul Fithriyah Universitas Ibrahimy
  • Fatimatuzzahra Universitas Bumigora


Prediksi, Jumlah Wisatawan, Neural Network, Genetika, Hunian Hotel


Tourism is a place visited by tourists, where tourists come to tourism places to enjoy a different atmosphere from where they live, which of course requires a place to stay for a while. Hotel is a business that provides services in the form of lodging with various facilities. Fluctuations in the number of tourists who come can affect hotel services, because the increasing number of unexpected hotel occupancy, it is difficult for employees to provide the best service to hotel visitors. To obtain the smallest RMSE results on the number of tourists based on hotel occupancy, an accurate method is needed, then the method used in this study is proposed neural network algorithm with genetic algorithm optimization. By using timeseries data from 2008 to 2017. From neural network experiments with parameter determination of the number of neurons at input layer xt-2, the number of neurons at hidden layer 4, training cycles value 100, learning rate value 0.1 and momentum value 0.1 obtained RMSE results 6322.022, and experiments using neural networks with genetic algorithm optimization obtained RMSE results 6101.431.It can be concluded from the previous discussion that the neural network algorithm method with genetic algorithm optimization is better than the results that Only use the neural network method